USNA Richmond Chapter Alumni Page

Welcome Aboard!

Your Alumni Chapter in Richmond has undergone changes in the past several years and we look forward to you becoming an active shipmate. First and foremost, the Richmond Chapter exists to promote the friendships and associations of USNA alumni who live and work in the greater Richmond area. We hope to promote and support the Naval Services in our community and to provide guidance to those interested in pursuing an Academy Appointment. Please come back to this site to contact the chapter officers and see upcoming events.


Membership Information


We communicate primarily by email, so it’s important that you’re signed up on our distribution list.  We desire to keep all of the alumni informed of newsworthy events that emanate from Annapolis. In addition to this website, an accurate email roster allows us to disseminate Chapter business, events, and news, both quickly and clearly. We need accurate email addresses for existing and new members. Please provide any updated info, address, and email info to the chapter secretary HERE.

If you are interested in joining the chapter as Full member (USNA graduate) or as an Associate member (other – non-voting) please contact us. Annual dues for 2019 are $35. Once you contact us you will receive an e-mail outlining the payment address and other information. You will receive one name tag paid out of your first year’s dues. Additional name tags maybe purchased at $16 each.

When you are contacted you can pay via cash or check or via the web using major credit cards. If using a credit card a service fee will be added to cover merchant processing fees. Details will be included in follow-up message.

For Calendar Events please note that event pricing if applicable will be published with eVite from the Chapter Secretary. Also if you are non-member attending chapter hosted events you will not be eligible for the discounted rate until your dues have been paid.


Blue & Gold Officers


The Blue and Gold Officer (BGO) program is a critical extension of the USNA Admissions Office and serves to identify high-caliber candidates from our community.  This is a great opportunity for alumni to be actively involved in helping to select the next generation of Naval Officers.  For more information on the program, please contact any of the following BGOs:



Also, by popular demand, we’ve created a LinkedIn group for the chapter. This is a social media site designed for members to network with each other. We will not be using this for primary communications to the chapter, but members who decide to join can post resumes, do some career networking, etc. Our LinkedIn group is here: This is a PRIVATE group, so you’ll have to request membership and await approval (this helps to keep the riff-raff out).


West Point Society of Richmond and nearby USNA Chapters


We also have an excellent working relationship with the West Pointers in Richmond and the surrounding USNA Alumni Chapters (Charlottesville, Williamsburg, etc.). We are provided information on their news events and our Chapter members can participate as they desire. We may push some of these to our calendar as well.